Why Client Relationships Are Top Priority

I am privileged to have a clientele base that has done some amazing things for me. I didn’t need anyone, or anything else. My clients bring me happiness! Thank you for…

  • Robert M., Miran K., Krista L. – Encouraging, kind words about our work, especially during tax season when we are feeling pressured and exhausted.
  • Trevor D., Andrew W., Kim K. – Making me laugh with your life stories every time I open your emails and texts or take your calls.
  • Rob and Christeen M. – Being so kind, considerate and grateful! Rob, thanks for sending me a picture of the American Ninja Warrior ramp you built in your backyard instead of your bookkeeping.
  • Thomas F. – Worked with you for so long buddy – the memories! What can I say?
  • Kevin J. – Asking for another fun Christmas card of myself and my children because you loved the last one.
  • Randy Y. – Sending a hand-written “thank you” card when you are so busy…just because!
  • Dave P. – I was in the hospital with my twins, and you didn’t care to pay the penalties and interest on your taxes. You just wanted me to take care of myself and my family.
  • Guy R. and Joni S. – Treating me like family every time we talk. I still have the sympathy card you sent when my father suddenly passed away, and the email of yourselves in front of Canada Revenue Agency’s main headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario…priceless!
  • Robin F. – Giving me an amazing experience with my children when you let me use your timeshare for three weeks.
  • Bailey G. and Alexis P. – My amazing hairdresser and photographer. What can I say? Making me look good in every way!
  • Jim H. – Sending me an email every year on my birthday, making me smile so big when I see that you remembered!
  • Shauna S. – Selling my house for me, more because you cared about my well-being than the real estate fees you would get.
  • Gordon and Bonnie M., Brad and Linda L. – Always asking about my family more than you ask about your own income tax questions.

With clients like these, who needs anything else in business. Just when I have had the hardest day, in comes the most amazing or funny email, and it makes me see why I love what I do.

Yes, going virtual somewhat takes away from the “personal” touch of business. But does it have to? I still enjoy the phone calls, texts and emails I get. I love when people invite me to the functions they are having.

Going virtual doesn’t mean we are not there! It simply means we are conducting business more efficiently to provide faster service. I am excited for our virtual practice, so it opens my own schedule to visit a lot more with all of you and hide out less behind my computer.

It doesn’t matter where I am because we will always be there for you. Do you know why? Because of YOU! We love the clients we deal with. We don’t want to be all professional all the time. We want to create relationships.

Don’t let virtual sound so distant. In our minds, nothing has changed. It is only going to get better!

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