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When I found out that I could fax something right from my phone – FANTASTIC!

Yes, you can sign, fax and email any form sent to you right from your phone. You can turn a photo of a receipt into a PDF document in seconds.

Scan & Send Documents

Here is a very easy-to-use application to sign, scan, fax and email documents. It integrates nicely with the iPhone. I have referred many clients to this application and have gotten nothing but positive feedback: iTunes preview – Doc Scan. Bobbie, who is part of our team, uses this scanner application and says it’s also easy.

Track Your Mileage

Get a mileage tracker and never be disappointed by not keeping a vehicle log for employment and business expenses. By keeping track of your business or employment mileage driven, you can deduct it on your tax return and save even more. CRA will want a log of mileage driven if they come asking, so give them the information you store in one of these apps: Mileage tracking Apps for iPhone.

Categorize Receipts Instantly

Get an app that can scan in a receipt and automatically categorize it to the proper account for you. This could work nicely for employment expense categorization or business cash receipts. It will save you in our fees to have us sort and categorize receipts for you. Check out this article: Best iPhone Receipt Tracking Apps, or this one: Online Expense Report and Receipt Organizing Apps.  A lot of our clients are also loving the Receipt Bank application

Cloud Accounting Programs

We’ve had a lot of client’s enjoying this FREE accounting application from Wave.  It does the trick for small businesses where buying larger software isn’t worth the benefits.  It offers a cloud so you can access it from anywhere, plus it allows for online invoicing and payment.

We are not too familiar with Zoho Books, but have heard from other accountants that it is a good cloud accounting option to try.

We also like QuickbooksOnline.  Such a great way to go for when you need just a bit larger of a program.  We simply log into your records and pull the reports, or whatever else we need, when we need it.  No complicated instructions from us on how to print the reports we need.

If you don’t want to change accounting programs, but need to keep better track of receivables, try out FreshBooks.  It automatically updates your receivable list every time a client pays online, deposits money into your bank account, and it will import and automatically categorize all bank account and visa expenses so you don’t have to.

Do you have a good application or program that you LOVE?  Comment below to share and we will post it!

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