We Know You’re Excited About Taxes, But…

Before you sign our Engagement Letter, we need you to review a few things.  We know that no one likes reading all that fine print, but please familiarize yourself with some very important items that you will be signing off on:

  1. Specified Foreign Property
  2. Principal Residence reporting
  3. 2020 Tax Season: COVID-19 Information

It is VERY important that you make us aware of anything that may apply to you in the blogs above as some can have severe penalties and interest if not reported.

Once you are comfortable enough to say “I’m pickin’ up what you’re puttin’ down”, you can continue on and sign the Engagement Letter HERE

Please do not submit the Engagement Letter separately to us, as this program automatically sends it to us.

Once you have submitted your signature, you can continue HERE

4 thoughts on “We Know You’re Excited About Taxes, But…”

  1. hands down lisa is amazing and puts great efforts into making sure things are done correctly …Thank you for always putting me at ease knowing you got this as a bussniess owner ive enough on my plate …thanks lisa
    suzanna maezys petals

    1. We are so happy that we can make business simple and stress-free for you, and that you can put your trust in us. We put our heart into what we do because we genuinely care about the success of every small business owner. Thank you Suzanna – we have your back! 🙂

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